Gregory McQueen

Lead facilitator, Emerging Leaders Program, Pathfinder Program, Health Leadership Academy
Faculty, Directors College, Conference Board of Canada & DeGroote School of Business

Greg McQueen is a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant with experience in executive systems, integrated leadership development, corporate board development, effective ethical decision making, and risk management in the corporate environment. Dr. McQueen is also a skilled mediator and facilitator of strategic planning.

Dr. McQueen holds several faculty positions:

  • Health Leadership Academy, DeGroote School of Business, Emerging Leaders Program and Pathfinder Program.
  • Directors College, Conference Board of Canada & DeGroote School of Business
  • Niagara Institute, Conference Board of Canada’s Leadership Development Center

During his tenure at the University of North Texas Health Science Centre as the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs he facilitated, among other initiatives: implementation of the risk management program, a national award winning diversity program, the creation of the public health school, the physician assistant program and one of the largest continuing education program in the country peaking at 16,000 registrants per year.

At the University of North Texas, Dr. McQueen served as the Senior Vice President for Advancement and President of the UNT Foundation Inc. He ushered in the universities rebirth of fundraising and in 2006 -07 the National Association of Business Officers in the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that, the previously unranked, UNT posted the 29th – highest growth rate out of 785 Colleges and Universities.
At Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona Calif. as the Senior Executive Associate Dean of the Medical School he supported all functions during expansion into a new campus including executive coaching and mentoring of the Dean and Senior Staff.

At A.T. Still University Mesa, Arizona, Dr. McQueen was the Senior Executive Associate Dean, of the Medical School. In addition to his faculty and administrative roles he provided executive coaching and mentoring for the Dean of the Medical School and her senior team as the school grew to be the only truly national medical school in the US with campuses from Hawaii to New York.

Dr. McQueen excels at facilitating interaction between diverse groups of stakeholders in their efforts to deal with complex, complicated, multidimensional issues. He develops and manages joint ventures through a process that enhances involvement and commitment of participant members. His coaching approach enhances the involvement and commitment of participant members to reach consensus and move forward on identified goals.

He has worked with corporate boards, executives and organizations representing a diverse number of areas such as:

  • International Corporations – from Mining to Shipbuilding
  • The Government of Thailand
  • The Health Care Education Ministry, Government of Indonesia
  • The World Bank
  • National Security agencies in Canada and the USA
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Control
  • British Columbia Gambling Authority
  • Numerous Health Care and Teaching Facilities in Can and the USA.

Gregory McQueen