Amanda Calzolaio

Manager, Health Leadership Academy

Amanda has a passion for healthcare, healthy team cultures, design thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation. Her career has spanned a variety of healthcare and educational start-ups, administrative and management positions. Amanda has decades of caregiving experience within the Ontario healthcare system, she has managed an anxiety disorder centre and applies design-thinking and system thinking methodologies to her management and coaching practice.

Amanda Calzolaio is an Adler trained coach with a passion for individual and team coaching enabling them to proactively adapt to change and thrive one step at a time.

Amanda has a Masters degree in Management of Innovation (MMI) and Bachelor of Honours in Psychology and Human Behavioral Biology (BHSc) – now Neuroscience – from the University of Toronto.

As the former Chair of the Emerging Leader Forum based in Toronto, Amanda is driven to help emerging leaders make their mark in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Amanda continuously seeks to create a collaborative environment that can stimulate change within the challenging Canadian health landscape.

Amanda Calzolaio