Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for the Physician Fellowship Program?
Physicians enrolled in the Executive MBA in Digital Transformation Program at McMaster University are eligible for the Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy’s Physician Fellowship Program.

What Value will I receive from the Physician Fellowship Program?
As a Physician Fellow you will have exclusive access to mentors in the Health Leadership Academy’s network as well as opportunities to attend the Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy’s leadership development events and workshops addressing topics across the health landscape.

After completing the Fellowship Program you will be prepared to:

In its inaugural year, you will be able to co-design the components of the Fellowship Program. This opportunity will define and refine the critical features of this pilot program and ensure it is meeting the needs of all physicians enrolled in the program.

Why offer the HLA’s Physician Fellowship Program in combination with the EMBA in Digital Transformation?
As a physician leader, gaining critical business insights in a digital world will be of utmost importance to thrive and change the future of healthcare. The EMBA in Digital Transformation allows you to acquire the business and digital skillsets while learning amongst a range of professionals across various disciplines and industries. The Physician Fellowship Program is designed to support your EMBA in Digital Transformation education, applying knowledge within a health context and supporting your career goals in health and healthcare.

When is the Physician Fellowship Program Offered?
Beginning September 17 2018, the inaugural Physician Fellowship Program will run until September 2019. Thereafter graduating from the Executive EMBA in Digital Transformation program physicians will be awarded the title of a Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy Physician Fellow.

How is the Physician Fellowship Program Structured?
The Physician Fellowship Program is a personalize experience. It is designed to satisfy the needs of each physician leader. Whether your are a young professional or a seasoned leader the program will address your own goals, objectives, values and desires.

Depending on your needs, key features of the program may include one or more of the following:

For both personal and programmatic continual improvement purposes the following are built into the program:

What is 360◦ Mentorship?
360◦ Mentorship allows for two-way communication and feedback across multiple levels of an organization or levels of experience. For example, a mentee may be exposed to a mentor who is:

How Do I Maintain my Fellowship Status?
To maintain your status as a Fellow the following is required:

By maintaining your fellowship status you will:

What is the Fee for the Physician Fellowship Program?
In its inaugural year, there will be no fee to enrol in the physician fellowship program.

Who can I Contact to Learn More?

To learn more about the Fellowship Program please contact Andreea Calic, Acting Manager, Health Leadership Academy at