Physician Fellowship

The Health Leadership Academy launched a Physician Fellowship Program for physicians enrolled in the Executive MBA in Digital Transformation at McMaster University.

As a Physician Fellow you have exclusive access to mentors in the Health Leadership Academy’s network and opportunities to attend the academy’s leadership development events and workshops addressing topics across the health landscape.

In its inaugural year, the three physician fellows co-designed components of the program. This opportunity will define and refine the critical features of this pilot program and ensure it is meeting the needs of all physicians enrolled.

Through the fellowship you will:

  • Become a more effective leader in both your personal and professional life by gaining greater self-awareness.
  • Gain a broader perspective of health and business applications by learning from mentors, faculty and peers.
  • Gain confidence as a health and business professional.

See our Physician Fellowship FAQ for more details.

Students in med coats talking at a table.


Strengthening the Business of Healthcare: EMBA physicians invited to enroll in HLA fellowship program

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