Pathfinder Program


Pathfinder Program is a unique, flexible, immersive, personalized leadership journey for aspiring leaders. Gain skills suited to your individualized leadership needs, work with a leadership coach, and apply what you learn within an engaged team of supportive peers, and build your leadership capabilities in this eight-week program. Pathfinder Program will help you chart your journey in health leadership.

The online program combines:

  • 8 live flipped classroom sessions scheduled weekly
  • Flexible learning between live sessions through activities, readings, and assessments completed where, when, and how you prefer to work
  • “Homework” activities encourage you to practice and apply your learning in real time in your workplace
  • Personal one-on-one sessions with a leadership coach
  • Small class sizes to build close connections between classmates and faculty


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Pathfinder Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Pathfinder Program, you will have developed:

  • Core leadership capabilities critical to success and building trust, authenticity, empathy, and competence
  • Strengthened capacity to lead change, coach others and communicate more effectively
  • The enhanced ability to handle change and uncertainty with more confidence
  • The knowledge and skills to build and lead effective teams
  • The understanding that leadership development is a lifelong journey involving learning and practice

Upon completion of Pathfinder Program you will have created:

  • A network of trusted peers
  • A detailed development plan with specific actions to ensure your insights and goals will be embedded in your behaviour as a leader
  • A plan and commitment to continue your leadership development through practice and the support of others

Upon completion of Pathfinder Program you will receive a certificate of completion from McMaster University.

Participants who complete Pathfinder Program can apply it towards their CHE credential with the College of Canadian Health Leaders (CCHL). Learn more about applying for the CHE Program. Contact CCHL at for more details.





Who is Pathfinder Program for?

With a health context focus, Pathfinder Program attracts many participants from the medicine, health sciences, health policy, government and beyond interested in understanding more about their leadership trajectory. The diversity of perspectives, experiences, and expertise lends itself to dynamic interdisciplinary and applied learning environment.

  • Health professionals, administrators and educators beginning and/or transitioning into a leadership role 
  • Health entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs looking to lead change in the health sector
  • Graduate students, post-doctoral students, medical residents and young professionals exploring leadership opportunities in healthcare

Program Schematic

Live classroom sessions occur weekly. These sessions are supplemented with offline readings, case studies, and other activities. Students can work through the program at their own pace, and invest as much or as little time as they wish under the guidance of their personal leadership coach. Participants should expect to spend approximately 6-8 hours a week on Pathfinder Program work. Supplementary material, readings, and videos will be suggested for further study.


Familiarize yourself with the program 2-3 weeks prior to the first live virtual session. 

  • Technological orientation
  • Preliminary readings and videos
  • Psychometric instruments
  • Creative assignments

Live Virtual Sessions

  • Three-hour sessions weekly for 9 weeks (one week off mid-program)
  • Focus on a key theme each week in a flipped virtual classroom
  • Discuss your leadership challenges in facilitated small-group conversations
  • Practice new skills 
  • Leave with action-based assignments to integrate learnings in daily life 

Weekly Work Between Live Sessions

  • Individual and team assignments
  • Virtual team meetings

Sample Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: Mapping My Leadership Journey: How did I get here and where am I now?
  • Week 2: Making an inventory: What do I bring to leadership?
  • Week 3: Plotting my course: Where do I want to go?
  • Week 4: Influence: How can I move forward with others and navigate change? 
  • Week 5: Inclusive Leadership: How can we all go forward together?
  • Week 6: Conflict and Difficult Conversations: How do I handle the storms? 
  • Week 7: Coaching others: How do I help others?
  • Week 8: Your next leadership adventure


  • Sustain your leadership growth with a one-on-one coaching session 2 weeks after live virtual session
  • Get plugged into our HLA alumni network and suite of other offerings including events and engagement opportunities
  • Create a leadership development plan with a clear set of leadership development goals and actions for accomplishing those goals

Pathfinder Program Faculty and Guest Speakers

As a Health Leadership Academy program, Pathfinder Program draws on expertise from both the McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences and the DeGroote School of Business. Pathfinder Program faculty are drawn from a variety of disciplines and industries. 

Recent Facilitators and Faculty

Greg McQueen, PhD

Sean Park

Sean Park, PhD

Amanda Calzolaio, MMI

Laura Smith

Laura Smith, PhD

Linda Morgan

Linda Morgan, MA

Michelle Rothstein, PCC, CPCC

Tamar Kagan, M.Ed, PCC

Bill Sutherland, M.D.












Pathfinder Information Session

Want to learn more about Pathfinder? Watch our information session to hear from Pathfinder administrators. 

Watch our Pathfinder Information Session here.

Alumni Testimonials

While one might expect weekend engagements related to work to be exhausting, despite their meaningful offerings, I can say with confidence that I left each session feeling more energized and rejuvenated than before with newfound excitement; ready to make my learnings into reality. As somebody who strives to be an inspiring leader and innovator myself, it was refreshing to find myself back in the student chair as I learned from the Pathfinder program and its leaders, and I greatly look forward to instilling the practices I learned over the past eight weeks into my daily work. — Kim, Pathologist

I came across Pathfinder as I was searching for leadership opportunities that would make me a better leader in current health leadership positions. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up – I thought worst case scenario it would look good on my CV.  What was fascinating about the program was that it was fairly pain free – most of the exploratory work was fun to do, the sessions really felt like chatting with friends (and felt like “me” time instead of one more thing on the to do list) and the coaching as well felt comfortable and being gently guided by a senior mentor.  After each session though, I was left with insights about human behavior and leadership that I found affected everything I did during the week in between sessions.  I thus had a perfect “lab” during which to apply everything I had gained.  My greatest fear was that I would discover that I am not suited to more leadership, but on the contrary I have actually left feeling empowered to seek more leadership positions and to look upon potential difficulties as challenges. I was also motivated during the course to reach out to my peers and so have left the program with a fantastic support group that I can rely on into the future. — Natya, Respirologist

Application Process

A selection committee of HLA staff and/or faculty will choose well-rounded applicants with demonstrated leadership capabilities. The application process consists of an online application, and a personal interview.

We accept applications and review candidates during an admission window (see Important Dates and Deadlines for details). Applicants will be contacted within 5 business days of their application submission. Interviews are scheduled and the selection committee decision communicated as soon as possible. 

Program Pricing

  • Professional Rate: $3,995 + HST
  • Student* Rate: $1,995 + HST

*Currently enrolled in a graduate program at any institution.  

The Health Leadership Academy has a limited number of Exceptional Leadership Scholarship Awards available for Pathfinder participants. Scholarships are distributed based on work experience, academic merit and an application process. Please contact us at to learn more about the application process. 

For applicants who are seeking financial assistance, please consider contacting your respective graduate program supervisor and/or employer.  You may also contact us at to discuss and explore other avenues of support. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Applications are currently closed.


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