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Healthcare professionals working around a table.
September 19, 2018

Canada’s Evolving Health Landscape Requires a New Kind of Leader

Meeting the needs of patients in a rapidly changing world will require future leaders in health to approach work differently.

Tevin, an EHL student
August 31, 2018

Three Pieces of Advice for Emerging Health Leaders

The path to being a leader is not linear, nor is it always obvious. Take Sid Stacey’s journey, for example...

Doctor in Surgery
July 31, 2018

Students Design Solution to Encourage Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment

It was a great case for McMaster’s Innovation by Design course, which exposes students to design thinking.

Innovation by Design students
July 3, 2018

Students Collaborate with Hamilton Public Health to Design a More Active City

“I learned so much more than I could have from a textbook or just a lecture.”

Alumni from HLA Programs at 100in1 Day
June 18, 2018

Designing the Healthcare Experience of Hamiltonians

Alumni from the EHL and IBD programs used design thinking to engage Hamiltonians on their experiences with health or healthcare.

Jason W Fischer
October 16, 2017

The Health Industry Braces for a Revolution at Work

Like any field on the edge of disruption, healthcare is bracing itself for upheaval in the model of work.