The McMaster Interdisciplinary Health Idea Competition

The McMaster Interdisciplinary Health Idea Competition (MIHIC) is about identifying the next big idea in
healthcare. McMaster students from different programs work together in teams. They present a concept they believe will drive the future of health and healthcare in Canada.

The competition takes place in three stages:

Teams compete with each other to advance to the next round. Along the way, they’re connected with mentors and network with industry professionals.

Winners are eligible to win cash prizes up to $5,000.

Current McMaster students in graduate and undergraduate programs are eligible to compete. Teams must have representatives from at least two distinct academic programs. (Specializations and streams within a program do not count as distinct programs.) Teams are not limited in size. As teams grow, new members must be identified to MIHIC administrators prior to Phase 2 deadlines.

Applications for next years competition will become available here on the HLA website.

For more information, contact Amanda Calzolaio.

Kick-Off Event

The 2017 MIHIC held its kick-off event on January 30th, 2017. Our panelists shared their views on the potential gaps in healthcare. View pieces of the panelist discussion using the links below:

Our 2017 Finalists


                          DELTA NOVUS


                 IMAGINEMED INC.

2017 MIHIC Grand Prize Winner: ImagineMED

Near-Infrared Cerebral Scanner (NICS) is designed to be a handheld wand or probe that can be placed on the scalp of a patient to noninvasively determine the presence of a hematoma. A pushbutton on the side of the device can be held to turn the device on, while releasing the button will turn the device off, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maximal safety. NICS will be the only point-of-care solution in the Canadian market that can be integrated into existing healthcare assessments (Canadian CT head rules, etc.) to increase physician confidence in the decision to administer a head CT on a patient. The use of NICS can improve hospital workflow and resource utilization by preventing use of head CT scans for patients that would have had negative CT results.

More Information

Please review a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the MIHIC.

If your questions are not addressed here, please contact hlainfo@mcmaster.ca.

Find Team Members & Share Ideas

McMaster students are invited to join our Facebook page where you can connect with other students, share ideas and form your teams.

MIHIC is hosted by the Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy and the Canadian College of Health Leaders (Hamilton & Area Chapter).



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