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The Digital Transformation Research Centre with Dr. Khaled Hassanein

February 7, 2017

Discussion Overview:

The Digital Transformation Research Centre (DTRC) will focus on generating and advancing knowledge on the best approaches to leverage technology in business, education, health, and industry, while managing its disruptive effects.

The Hamilton Early Warning System – An App that Saves Lives

April 4, 2017

Discussion Overview:

In collaboration with IBM, Hamilton Health Sciences has developed an application that automatically notifies a Rapid Response Team to assist patients whose vitals go beyond a critical threshold.

Understanding Design Thinking and Foresight

June 6, 2017

Discussion Overview:

The methodologies of Design Thinking and Foresight can be used as tools in today’s health industry to promote collaboration and bring about meaningful change.

How “Disabled” Youth with Autism Enabled our Workplace

September 5, 2017

Discussion Overview:

Dr. Georgiades discussed how working alongside students with autism has forever changed the way he thinks as a researcher, as an educator, as a father, and as a citizen. He shared some ideas on how we can refine our education, healthcare, and vocational systems to create opportunities for individuals with autism to access the necessary supports and services so they can lead fulfilling lives and make their own unique and much-needed contributions to Society.

MacART Symposium – Rethinking Autism Training

September 15, 2017

Discussion Overview:

As our understanding of autism continues to deepen and evolve, the time is right to start exploring ways to revise, refine, innovate and improve our training models. That will in turn prove to be an important investment in our collective efforts to advance autism care. The Health Leadership Academy was pleased to co-facilitate an interactive afternoon where priorities related to autism training were identified using design methodologies.

Digital Leadership Summit

September 20, 2017

Discussion Overview:

The Health Leadership Academy was pleased to sponsor the 2017 Digital Leadership Summit’s panel on modelling the future of work in health. Featured panelist included Dr. Jason W. Fisher, Mr. Marwan Sati and Ms. Kathy Woods with moderation by Mr. Mark Morreale.