As part of a landmark $50 million gift from Michael G. DeGroote, the faculties of Business and Health Sciences present the Health Leadership Academy (HLA) at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Centre. The HLA strives to attain transformative impact on global healthcare by nurturing a community of future leaders right here in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario.

Thanks to the HLA’s interdisciplinary and forward thinking approaches to education, these leaders will be prepared to succeed in a number of fields – everything from informing government policy to developing and supporting health innovations. In addition to offering world-class academic programs and informative public events, the HLA encourages entrepreneurial and start-up ideation and innovations with the potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it.


The Emerging Health Leaders Program is an intensive, residential, leadership certificate program for undergraduate and graduate students across the province. This program will challenge your thinking and will push you to become a better leader by focusing on: personal leadership development, effective teams, change management, design thinking, as well as identifying, implementing and championing new ideas and innovations in a health environment.


This course enables students to engage in design thinking as a methodology to assess health problems / challenges, collect meaningful data, iterate alternative design options, and build a prototype solution for validation with user groups. This interdisciplinary course teaches conceptual approaches to ‘design thinking’ and develops capabilities with spotting, supporting and scaling up new innovative ideas.


As a collaborative event between the Health Leadership Academy & the CCHL Hamilton Area Chapter, MIHIC challenges undergraduate and graduate students to form interdisciplinary teams to leverage their diverse skills to develop what they believe will be the Next Big Health Idea. Teams compete with each other to advance to the next round. Along the way, they’re connected with mentors and network with industry professionals.

Upcoming Events

How “Disabled” Youth with Autism Enabled Our Workplace

September 12, 2017
Health Leadership Academy
Dr. Stelios Georgiades is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University.

Research @ HLA: Health Leadership Across the Health Industry

October 3, 2017
Health Leadership Academy
A number of speakers moderated by Dr. Rick Hackett discussing Health Leadership across the Health System.

Interdisciplinary Projects in Medicine with Dr. Robert Whyte

November 7, 2017
Health Leadership Academy
Interdisciplinary Projects in Medicine with Dr. Robert Whyte

Holidays @ HLA – Mix and Mingle

December 5, 2017
Health Leadership Academy
mix and mingle in the HLA

The Collaboratorium

The term “Collaboratorium” represents a new way of working together in an open, transparent environment. By collaborating and working together in an open space, we commit ourselves to creating an environment of discovery and ideation in which education and research helps to build knowledge and widen perspectives; an environment of openness with our colleagues and community, in which ideas and research are validated, shared and debated.

To view a list of our upcoming collaboratorium events, please click the link here.

Program Directors

Delsworth Harnish, PhD, MSc

3M National Fellow
Professor, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Health Sciences Education
Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Harnish is a professor of pathology and molecular medicine has been the assistant dean of the bachelor of health sciences (honours) program (B.H.SC.) since it was launched in 2000.

Michael Hartmann, PhD, MBA, MA, HBA

Professor, Human Resources and Management
DeGroote School of Business
Principal, the Directors College
Executive Director, EMBA in Digital Transformation

Dr. Hartmann is a professor of Human Resource Management at the DeGroote School of Business and Principal of the Directors College.

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