Creating transformative impact by developing tomorrow’s health leaders at all levels of the health system with new ways to think and to make it happen within the rapidly evolving health environment.

To be recognized as Canada’s preeminent Academy for health leadership and innovation with a reputation for creating and disseminating original work that intersects the areas of action-oriented learning, research and community engagement.

Holding the principles of an interdisciplinary perspective; evidence-informed research and education, and a future-thinking approach.

With the generous funding of Michael G. DeGroote, the Faculties of Business and Health Sciences have come together to present a new Health Leadership Academy (HLA). This Academy aligns closely with the mission, vision and values of its two founding Faculties, and will be specifically aimed at producing the best healthcare leaders of tomorrow. The HLA’s primary activities will involve showcasing the research findings of its two founding Faculties on topics of health leadership and innovation as well as supporting the creation of its own original activities in these areas. In particular, the Academy will focus on the creation of applied research stemming from its educational programs to be developed in collaboration with local and regional community health partners.

HLA’s activities will fall into three interconnected areas:

  • Education that will help learners develop the leadership capacity to identify, support and operationalize new ways of “thinking” and “doing” within a rapidly evolving health environment;
  • Research that will explore the relationship between leadership and innovation, creativity and change within the health care system(s);
  • Community Engagement that will offer researchers and learners the opportunity to collaborate with community healthcare practitioners and advocates on research and learning proposals and projects.

The Collaboratorium


“Collaboratorium” represents a new way of working together, and is best defined by looking at its three word roots. The Latin pre-fix “co” means together, mutually, in common, while the word “labor-at” is a synonym for work, while the suffix “orium” denotes a location, often an open, transparent, environment. So, co / labor-at / orium = together / work / in an open location.At the Michael G. DeGroote Health Leadership Academy, we embrace the word collaboratorium as our charter for how we work. By collaborating and working together in an open space, we commit ourselves to creating an environment of discovery and ideation in which new education and research helps to build knowledge and widen perspectives; an environment of openness with our colleagues and the community, in which ideas and research are validated, shared and debated.

Program Directors

Delsworth Harnish, PhD, MSc

3M National Fellow
Professor, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Health Sciences Education
Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Harnish is a professor of pathology and molecular medicine has been the assistant dean of the bachelor of health sciences (honours) program (B.H.SC.) since it was launched in 2000.

Michael Hartmann, PhD, MBA, MA, HBA

Professor, Human Resources and Management
DeGroote School of Business
Principal, the Directors College
Executive Director, EMBA in Digital Transformation

Dr. Hartmann is a professor of Human Resource Management at the DeGroote School of Business and Principal of the Directors College.

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